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Oberseminar Distributed Control and Optimization


Model Predictive Control (MPC) is a popular control method that has been applied to diverse systems including process systems, energy systems, aerospace systems and beyond. Recently, the concept of distributed MPC (DMPC) has emerged for the control of large-scale systems. In contrast to a centralized approach, in DMPC a global system is partitioned into subsystems which are controlled by local controllers. Important advantages of DMPC are its flexibility and robustness as changes to the subsystems do not require a redesign of a central MPC. DMPC is well suited for the control of systems that are inherently composed of subsystems such as energy systems. For example, the increasing installation of distributed energy sources (photovoltaic systems, wind energy, battery energy storages) and loads (electric vehicles) requires distributed control methods such as DMPC.

This seminar aims at introducing students to the core concepts of distributed MPC, whereby system-theoretic as well as numerical concepts will be addressed. 



The seminar consists of two parts. The first part introduces the students to Model Predictive Control (MPC), and to distributed MPC (DMPC). In the second part, distributed optimization methods are discussed to solve the optimization problems arising in DMPC.


Part I: Introduction

•        Introduction to Model Predictive Control

•        Model Predictive Control Architectures

•        Distributed Model Predictive Control

Part II: Numerical Methods for Implementation

•        The Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) for distributed optimization

•        The Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) for distributed MPC

•        The Augmented Lagrangian based Alternating Direction Inexact Newton Method (ALADIN) for distributed optimization and MPC

The students will choose a topic and present it to the other participants in a 20 minute presentation. The students are also expected to actively discuss the topics of other students after their presentations.

Date and Registration:

Kickoff meeting:  Friday, 24.04.2020, 09:00 on Webex. The Kickoff meeting was recorded and will be uploaded to Moodle. Please sign up for the Moodle course for more information and to watch the Kickoff meeting. The outline, organization of the seminar and student topics were presented in the Kickoff meeting.

It is not mandatory to have attended the Kickoff meeting live in order to register for the seminar. You may also watch the recorded version instead.


Students may register until Thursday, 30.04.2020 07.05.2020, 23:59 by writing an E-Mail with the desired topic to Gösta Stomberg.

Please feel to direct any questions to Gösta Stomberg.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the seminar!



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